Parts Feed: Component Searches – December 2014

Each month we’re compiling a list of part searches from &, taken from Supplyframe’s ranked search feed.  From that list we’ve stripped out the standard fare (e.g. discrete resistors & capacitors in chip packages – 0402, 0603, 0805, etc) and what’s left is a snapshot of what you and others are searching for and our comments on some of the items we found curious.
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ARM, MBED & the Plan for World Domination

Unless you’ve spent the last 10 years sunbathing in Aruba you would have heard that ARM is well and truly in the software business.  After all, it was way back in 2005 when ARM acquired compiler-maker Keil, lauding the virtues of a full-stack solution – i.e. software + silicon – as part of a broader strategy that included explicit aims to deal the death blow to the indomitable 8051, amongst others.   Continue reading “ARM, MBED & the Plan for World Domination”

Atmel Introduces Low-Power Touch Technology, Could Finally Hit A Homerun in Capacitive Touch

Atmel, darling of the maker-verse, announced their latest ultra-low powered touch interface as a part of their QTouch lineup to be available on all of their Cortex M0+ -based SMART MCU devices that include the new Peripheral Touch Control core, beginning February 24, 2015.   Continue reading “Atmel Introduces Low-Power Touch Technology, Could Finally Hit A Homerun in Capacitive Touch”

ESP8266 Gets Their Certs (-ish?)

From great enthusiasm, to deep frustration, to a cautious optimism seems the best way to describe the rollercoaster release of the ESP8266 low-cost WiFi transceiver from Shanghai-based Espressif Systems.

At first glance, this device appeared to have it all: Wifi, integrated balun, full TCP/IP stack, great community support, and all at an ultra-low cost……until…… Continue reading “ESP8266 Gets Their Certs (-ish?)”