Mike Harrison – “The Electronics of Art”

Mike Harrison talks about designing large art installations, based around readily available components. The main project discussed is a smart “Vanity Mirror” which captures images of the user and feeds them back onto small LCD screens in a large array. Discussion includes sourcing components, finding connectors and the architecture behind the entire project.
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Rebirth of Cool Mills: Benchtop PCB Milling Take-Two With Othermill

This week the Phy team got our hands on a new PCB milling machine called the Othermill from the folks over at Other Machine Co. (OMC) — a San Francisco startup determined to bring desktop PCB manufacturing back into vogue.  And this was no loaner…let’s be clear:  we’d purchased the Othermill cash (ok CC) at full MSRP, after getting a live demo onsite at the OMC HQ in San Francisco.

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Parts Feed: Component Searches – January 2015

Each month we’re compiling a list of part searches from Findchips.com & Parts.io, taken from Supplyframe’s ranked search feed.  From that list we’ve stripped out the standard fare (e.g. discrete resistors & capacitors in chip packages – 0402, 0603, 0805, etc) and what’s left is a snapshot of what you and others are searching for and our comments on some of the items we found curious.
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